Moroccana Argan Oil Based Health & Beauty Products

About Us

Moroccana Argan Oil Health & Beauty Products

Welcome to Moroccana. Our aim is to bring to everyone the Moroccan products that we love so much.
We discovered Argan Oils and the various products we stock whilst in Morocco and we hope that you will like them as much as we do. We only supply genuine products, sourced ourselves in Morocco. All our product sales directly benefit the local community as we only buy direct from local artisans and producers, not from middle men or industrial concerns.
Our products are of the highest quality but we want to be as eco-friendly as we possibly can so the packaging we use is also as natural as possible, unlike many other luxury products. In order to bring these lovely items to you in their best condition please forgive us if the outer packaging has to involve plastic or bubblewrap or other non-recyclables.

Morrocan Tree Climbing Goats

If you're wondering about our logo, a goat in an Argan tree, it was originally the goats that harvested the Argan fruits by climbing up into the branches of these low trees, where they would eat the fruits and begin the processing of the fruit, leaving the seed as the 'byproduct'. These seeds were then collected, cleaned and pressed by the Berber women to produce the precious Argan oil. More recently the contribution of the goats has been bypassed in favour of a more hygienic method of processing! 
We are a fledgling business but we are passionate about our products and our customer service so if you have any comments we would love to hear your feedback. Contact us by following the link at the foot of this page. From everyone involved at Moroccana, we look forward to hearing from you.